Our range of tungsten carbide saw blades are available to meet all your cutting needs from portable skill saws to the largest panel sizing machines. All of our carbide blades utilize a micrograin carbide for superior wear on abrasive materials. Try our "silent" saws with noise reducing bodies that are up to 20 db quieter than regular blades. You will hear the difference. 



Carbide Tipped Triple Chip Saw Blades


These saw blades feature a triple chip design with micrograin carbide optimised for cutting manufactured boards and laminates. They are specifically designed for use on table and rolling table saws with or without prescoring units. 



Carbide Tipped Melamine Saw Blades


These saw blades are specifically designed to provide chip free cuts on both sides of laminated materials without the use of a prescoring saw. They use micrograin carbide to ensure long blade life. 



Carbide Tipped Panel Saw Blades


These panel saws are produced to the highest tolerances in order to maximize production on the latest CNC beam saws. They have a trapezoidal flat tooth configuration and use ultra hard micrograin carbide for long blade life



Carbide Tipped Conic Scoring Saw Blades


Conically shaped scoring saws that are precisely matched to our M019/B panel saws. They use ultra hard micrograin carbide for long blade life. 



Carbide Tipped Adjustable Thickness Scoring Saw Blades


Split scoring saws with adjustable thickness via the use of spacers. Designed for use with most sliding table saws with pre-scoring units. 



Carbide Tipped Saw Blades for Non-Ferrous Metals


Saw blades specifically designed for cutting aluminum and non-ferrous materials on mitre, splitting and sizing machines. Special care must be taken to ensure proper clamping of materials and lubrication is recommended.